Sunday, 29 January 2012

Oriental Honesty

Oriental Honesty
Oil on Board (8x8in)

I found this little oriental pot on e-bay and loved the wicker handle.  When arranging the still-life, I attempted to keep the set up predominently blue and white with the supporting neutrals of the shelf and the motif on the cloth echoing the wicker handle.  It was one of those paintings that seemed to paint itself, but I held it back until it was touch dry to add a glaze to the shadow side of the pot and the garlic.  The pattern on the pot was not as dry as I thought so it smudged a bit.... I consoled myself with the thought that maybe it is better not to have it too definite within the shadow area.  I offer it up for any comments.......

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  1. Love this one in particular, which I had painted it :)