Thursday, 2 February 2012

Fellow Painters

Oil Sketch of Terry
Oil on Canvas (12 x 10in)

This was painted today at the scout hut and I thought it would be fun to introduce you to some of my fellow painters.  I decided to sit to paint this which is something I rarely do; I much prefer to stand and paint as I feel I am more in control (as if I'm ready for action).  Also, we all know that we should be stepping back constantly to view paintings from a distance.....!  I wanted to have Terry at my eye level rather than look down at him, (as it would give me too much top of head).  The challenge of this small sketch was painting a moving figure,  although he was fairly static with his trunk, his arm was constantly on the go and his head was moving around as he appraised his own efforts.

Oil Sketch of Phil

Phil runs the group at the scout hut.  I did this sketch of him a couple of years ago.  On the very rare occasion that a model doesn't turn up, Phil usually comes to rescue.  He has a great face to paint and even more characterful when lit from below.

Oil sketch of Peter

This is the oldest member of our group.  We helped him to celebrate his 90th birthday last summer.  I did this sketch of him a while ago and gave it to him on his birthday.  He is a great example to us all to keep those brushes active! 

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