Saturday, 18 February 2012

Portrait of Alan

Portrait of Alan
Oil on Canvas (9x12 in)

This was my portrait sketch from the scout hut session this week.  My position in the room gave me almost no shadow, which is not helpful when trying to describe form.  Alan's complexion had fairly high colour which allowed me to apply some passages of thick paint. (you will notice I had a few problems with them catching the light in the photograph.) The models we get to sit for us are old collegues or aquaintances of members of our group.  The chaps in the group have a swift pint together after the session, at the Unthank Arms here in Norwich.  Many of our sitters have been sourched from that hostelry and I think it might be time they started chatting up the barmaids once again as we seem to have had a run of chaps of a similar age wearing specs!

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