Saturday, 27 September 2014

Builders Break

I am still busy working on commissions and plans for the re-build of our house (destroyed by fire in February) have resulted in my somewhat sporadic posts here. Our builders are due to start in November, which we really look forward to, although I imagine the noise in my little studio may encourage me to venture out to try my hand at more plein-air work. On the other hand, if this pastel is anything to go by, I may find there is plenty of rich pickings to be found right here! ​This is Viktor, a polish builder, who has been kept busy this summer working at my daughter's property. I liked the way he covered his balding head to protect it from the hot sun, and his overall shape and gesture was just asking to be captured......

Friday, 26 September 2014

Demo at Hethersett

I am being kept busy with portrait commissions, not to mention the house re-build so I am not very active with my blog at the moment. This pastel was a demoI did recently for the Hethersett Art group here in Norfolk. It features the usual criminals : glass , citrus (for its saturated colour note) and the essential light and shade :-) The demo was part of a celebration so it had to be completed within a two hour session which included a coffee break. A great group and a lovely lunch afterwards! Thank you Grace for the painting of me hard at work!