Tuesday, 18 March 2014

From the Ashes

Many of you will already be aware that on 28th February we suffered a catastrophic house fire that has left our 15th century cottage a complete wreck. I have been fortunate that my studio only suffered water damage and the fire service were able to drag out artwork and equipment. The past two weeks have been taken up with sorting out somewhere to live temporarily and to salvage what we could from the ground floor which has remained reasonably intact although very water damaged. We have been overwhelmed by the help and support we have received from friends and the kindness of strangers (who have given us temporary accommodation in a holiday let near to the house). I am busy sorting out new flooring for the studio having ripped up what was there to dry the room out. We are making good progress and although I have been unable to do any painting since the fire I am hoping that the studio will be back in action very soon, and I can take up my paintbrush once again:-)