Friday, 24 February 2012

Papa's Steak Supper

Papa's Steak Supper
Oil on Board (6x8in)

I enjoy supper with my father every Wednesday evening and I have to say, he is quite 'the chef'.  This week  fillet steak was on the menu.  The steaks sat proudly on the work surface just begging to be painted and entered into the DPW 'raw meat challenge'.  We enjoyed this feast on a day that should be one of 'fasting and abstinence' (ash wednesday) which was rather forgotten as we washed it down with a very good shiraz.  As Papa said, ' it would have been a sin to waste it!'

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  1. You really nailed the different textures in this piece -- the flesh of the raw meat in contrast with the juicy inside of tomatoes, then again in contrast with the smooth, shiny skin of tomatoes. Lovely!