Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Portrait of Ian

Portrait of Ian
Oil on Canvas (10x12in)

I haven't quite worked out how to reply to comments recieved on this blog; so until I do, thank you for all the words of encouragement!  As artists we can be fairly solitary so it is good to know you are out there.  This is my latest effort from the portrait group which meet weekly at the scout hut in Norwich. I have once again included a photo of my viewpoint.  Painting spectacles can be quite tricky.  If I am working on a commission I will let the paint dry and paint them in using some medium so that I can take them out again if necessary. When working 'alla prima' I tend to add them using some painting medium, so that they sit nicely on top of the wet paint; as I had left the medium at home I just had to rely on a steady hand! The glasses were a fairly strong prescription which magnified Ian's eyes somewhat, also during the course of the sitting Ian obviously had an amusing thought, so I added the slight grin which helped to make him look a little less worried.


  1. It is a great the eyes and the skin tones...

    1. Thanks Maria......I worried the eyes seemed large and a bit forlorn, which was why I thought I had better post a photo of the sitter.