Sunday, 15 January 2012

Portrait of Lionel

Portrait of Lionel
Oil on Canvas (10x12in)

This small oil sketch of Lionel was painted on Thursday from life in just over two hours.  Every Thursday morning I paint with a group of other portrait enthusiasts in an old scout hut.  There are quite a few of us around the model so positions are eagerly sought and even jostled for.  I found myself with a side profile position but as Lionel has such a great profile it was a good view to have.  The one one thing I might have changed (if I could have controlled the lighting) was that the portrait would have benefited from a bit more contrast.  I took along my camera to record what I was seeing and the steps that took me to the finished sketch.  I worked alla prima and as usual tend to modify the drawing issues along the way.  I hope it gives a reasonable idea of my process.

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  1. It does, and good to see the drawing process. Where is the scout hut, wish I was able to find a similaar group around here!