Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ceinwen with Welsh Harp

Ceinwen with Welsh Harp
Oil on Canvas (12x15in)

This oil sketch was done this morning taking just over two hours.  Ceinwen is the wife of Ian (my previous post) and she is a harpist.  It made the sitting a very relaxed one as she played and sang for us with her lovely welsh voice; there is something about the sound of the harp that really soothes, don't you think? 
I was once again with my fellow painters in the scout hut and we all felt challenged with the painting of the harp.  Ceinwen held her pose in between her playing which gave us the opportunity to get the position of the hands and arms.  I tackled the pose by thinking 'shape' and not object and by squinting down to find the value pattern.  The harp was forshortened so the negative space in the middle was helpful to get this as correct as I could.  It is very much a figure study rather than a portrait.

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