Friday, 10 January 2014

Oil sketch of Paul

This oil sketch was painted from life (approx 2 hours) during my first session this year at the scout hut. Our model was Paul who had a great face to capture. It was my first outing using my new easel, which arrived a few days ago from the US. I am now the proud owner of a Soltek and looking forward to producing some good work to do it justice!


  1. You are so good with portraiture. I too own a Soltek easel. It is so versatile. When I paint small paintings in my super petite studio, I put the Soltek flat on the countertop, raise the vertical piece and clip in my panels.

  2. I am really thrilled with my new soltek, I'm only just getting to grips with all the positions it is capable of. It is so good to work at an easel where the legs stay put; my poor old french easel was saging at the knees.... which made two of us:-)