Sunday, 20 January 2013

Brown glass and Orange

I am pretty well holed up in my studio at the moment due to the wintry conditions outside, the snow lays fairly thick and it is icy out there. I am being fairly productive working on some gallery pieces etc. but another positive is that it has allowed more time for reflection; you know the sort of thing.....where I'm heading with my painting, how I want my work to develop etc. I set up a still-life this afternoon having decided I ought to do more daily paintings in pastel. This would be a way of using all my off cuts of 'la carte', being a bit more economical whilst putting them to good use. This is the result of my efforts. I really enjoyed myself with this one and I hope you like it too. I plan to do more until all those off cuts are used up, another bonus is there are no brushes to wash this evening:)


  1. Beautiful work Liz! I admire the fact that you have committed to painting daily. Also, using your smaller cuts of paper to do still life studies and artworks is a wonderful idea. It offers a wider variety for different tastes and budgets.

  2. Many thanks to you both.
    I'm glad you like my work Vanessa, during these lean times we need to be more creative than ever:)
    I appreciate your comments on the blog Helene.

  3. Hi Liz, I think I have this very same little amber jar which I purchased in Sedona, AZ for a still life prop. I love the way you handled the beautiful orange reflections, not to mention the orange itself with it's rich colors. May I ask what you use to sign your paintings with?

  4. Hi Lori,
    The brown jar is great to paint isn't it?! As this is a pastel I have signed it with a pastel pencil (fabercastello - pitt pencil). There was an occasion when I visited my framer (who has a workshop heated by a woodburner) I had forgotten to sign the pastel and we used a piece of 'charcoal@ from his fire grate and it worked brilliantly:)