Thursday, 22 March 2012

Jelly Doughnut Revealed

This doughtnut was purchased whist we were driving through Florida last week. Before it was fully consumed I photograghed it thinking I might paint it from reference as it made a good subject for a daily painting. What serendipity when I saw last week's challenge was 'doughnuts' and this week's is 'crumpled paper'....... talk about killing two birds with one stone! The american doughnut differs from the variety that we have in the UK; the dough is lighter and it is indeed jelly in the middle and not jam. The verdict ....delicious!


  1. It's a beautifully composed piece -- and I love all the soft, subtle colors in the white paper. The powdered sugar on the donuts look so real!

  2. Thank you is particularly good to get a daughter's approval!