Friday, 7 February 2014


This is a portrait of Patrick, 94 years old and one of life's special people! I named this portrait 'Timepiece' because of the story Pat told me whilst I was painting him. His watch is an antique Rolex oyster which he recieved on his 18th birhday before he joined up with the Royal Irish hussars for the 2nd World War. He was shot and lay wounded not knowing if he would survive and looked at his watch feeling their time had run out. He is still going strong; I felt the watch had to be a component of the painting and that is also why it had to be called 'timepiece', it incapsulated them both!


  1. This is a wonderful portrait of a man we all would have been blessed to know.

  2. Superb painting Liz - wonderful use of counterchange and beautifully lit from an artist who really knows her craft - bravo!