Friday, 13 December 2013

Oil Sketch of Gabriel 2

This is my second study of Gabriel, painted in a session of approx two hours. I decided to try out the 'zorn palette' so that I could enter into the challenge. I thought I may not get as much colour using such a limited palette; surprisingly, I found that far from being restricted it all became more colourful than usual. This is my palette: Ivory black, Cadmium red, Yellow ochre and Titanium white. I set up the palette, (from the left) with a grey scale using the black and white. Green from the yellow ochre and black. Purple from the dark grey and cad red. Flesh tones from cad red and yellow ochre in differing proportions. I took all these mixes into white to give a value string for each. Working between these I could neutralise the flesh tones with the grey scale, purple scale or green scale. The brown hair is a mix of green/red and black/redwith a little yellow ochre. It came as a surprise that I was able to get so much colour into the sketch; possibly I concentrated on making sure the colours were available to me by my palette preparation. It made me realise that a more restricted palette is no bad thing, and I will continue working with this for a while so that I can really work through the possibilities.

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  1. love reading about this palette. Your work is amazing. thanks for showing your working palette of limited colors and the process pictures.